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Meet Vutter - New Zealand's first real plant based butter!

Vutter is a delicious block of buttery goodness that tastes like cultured butter with a nice clean finish! It has a high smoke point, it freezes well, it doesn't go rancid and it can be used as a substitute in any recipe. Made with high quality ingredients that are natural and ethically sourced - no numbers, no nasty oils or artificial flavours & colours, Vutter is allergy friendly and minimally processed - made in a kitchen, not in a lab! Multi award winner with less than two years in the market, Vutter is impressing butter lovers all around the world. You won't believe it's not butter!

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Our range...

Beautifully nutty and slightly sweet in the palate, this Vutter is made with Certified Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Hemp Seed oil. Our "Super Vutter" is a delicious way to add the goodness of Hemp seed oil into your everyday diet! 

Perfect for eating on toast or for raw baking, it also works a treat as a topping on baked kumara, mashed potatoes, risotto, or whatever your creativity and tastes buds desire! Available in selected stores 

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A dream in a tub for the garlic lovers! Made with slow roasted New Zealand grown garlic, this Vutter is perfect for eating straight out of the tub, cooking, baking or as a topping. The garlic is cooked in low temperature in coconut oil for many hours and then removed, allowing this Vutter to be smooth and incredibly aromatic. Available on selected stores around Aotearoa! 

Warning: Highly addictive!

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We have created a delicate and unique blend of Vanilla & Cinnamon in the creamy Vutter that you already love! Indulging, smooth and ridiculously delicious, Vutter Spiced is ready to be eaten straight from the tub! It's also perfect for cooking and baking - it makes an incredible buttercream frosting! - or to be used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, crumpets

We are proudly using sustainably sourced Vanilla beans from Tonga, and cinnamon sticks from India.




You are asking, we are listening! While we aren’t ready yet to mass produce our Vutter in fully compostable packaging, we are once again “being the change” and offering Vutter in  ‘mini blocks’ for bulk bins and catering businesses! Our cute blocks weight approximately 120g each, are individually wrapped in deli paper and are sold by the units - frozen or chilled. You now have the option of taking home as much Vutter as you wish without the extra packaging! Same product, less packaging, better price - win win! Available a from selected stores.

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Chefs can now serve their delicious buttery foods without having to compromise the flavour by using margarine or other tasteless oils in order to cater to the growing demand of dairy free & vegan diets. Vutter is the perfect alternative for food businesses and it's sold in 2.3Kg tubs. Available in all 4 variants.

If you have a business and would like to use Vutter in your cooking or baking please email

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