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Garlic Vutter INGREDIENTS:

Coconut oil (59%), Sunflower oil, Water, Garlic, Himalayan Rock Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Certified Organic Turmeric.

Vutter Garlic vegan butter

Meet the best garlic butter on the planet!

Nothing like the other ones out there that are made with reconstituted or dried garlic. This Vutter was carefully created by our chef for foodies and all-round garlic lovers.

We use fresh NZ grown garlic and 'confit' it in coconut oil. This 'slow roasting' process is done at very low temp for many hours, to really extract all the flavour and leave behind any bitterness. The garlic is then removed to allow this Vutter to be extremely smooth & aromatic!


You can indulge in this unique Vutter at any time of the day!

Perfect for eating straight out of the tub, great in cooking, baking or as a topping.  Make instant garlic bread, take your mash to a whole new level of garlic deliciousness, add a spoonful to your curries and soups... whatever you do with it, beware - it's highly addictive!

Available from best NZ grocery stores & supermarkets in New Zealand

Natural & free from common allergens

*Also available in 2.1KG Catering size tubs

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