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Vutter Avocado INGREDIENTS:

Avocado oil (40%), Coconut oil (40%), Water, Himalayan Rock Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Certified Organic Turmeric.

Vutter Avo Spreadable
Natural & free from common allergens

Velvety Avocado dream!

Meet the new best friend to your sandwich! 

Not a margarine, but a clean and delicious spreadable vegan butter made with cold pressed Avocado oil! 

Vutter Avo is made with 40% New Zealand grown avocado oil, and 40% coconut oil. Packed with good fats, it has no bad cholesterol, no trans fats, no seed oils, no allergens, preservatives, flavouring or any other nasty additives.

The natural & clean ingredients are all blended at low temp to maintain the integrity of the fats. It has an even higher smoke point, making it also a perfect butter substitute for baking & cooking. 

Available from the best grocery stores & supermarkets around NZ

*Also available in 2.1KG Catering size tubs

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