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Who we are, why we started this
& what we stand for

We are a family of vegan foodies who believe that good food is REAL FOOD. 

Feliz Wholefoods was created by husband and wife Patrick & Aline in September 2020 with the intent of bringing food back to basics! 

We are committed to creating truly delicious plant based foods using only natural & ethically sourced ingredients, contributing to a cleaner & kinder future. 

Vutter by Feliz Wholefoods
Vutter, by Feliz Wholefoods

We are always up for supporting our community. If you are involved in any not for profit organization, charities helping our vulnerable communities or people in hardship, please contact us for some Vutter. We often support the amazing Food Not Bombs Tāmaki Makaurau who have a wonderful team of volunteers cooking vegan kai for people in need


We believe people can not only live, but thrive on a plant based diet. We are passionate about good food and want to make sure our products will satisfy

the most refined palates. Making vegan food delicious, clean and more available is our mission. We are working towards a kinder, cleaner and healthier world 💚

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