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Two years spreading the Vutter love...

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We've just turned two in September and are very happy with the way things are going. Even with all the many challenges that we face every day, I still feel that we are on the right track. We love our Vutter, and our mission has always been to have it available everywhere and for everyone. In Aotearoa and eventually, around the world!

When we started Feliz Wholefoods and launched Vutter in 2020, we had a vague idea of the big challenges and risks that were coming our way. I guess the trick is to keep a positive mind set, no matter what!

We are still learning our ways around the NZ groceries industry, and dealing with supermarkets can be very frustrating and stressful... but we need them, and they know it! So we just need to keep doing our best and looking forward! One thing I can tell you is; we've come to stay. Whatever it takes, we are 100% committed!

The last two years have been very hard but extremely fulfilling. Seeing our “baby” grow from a dream to an actual business is an incredible feeling. We are humbled to have been awarded several mainstream accolades & been voted the best butter alternative in NZ for two years in a row!

We have been lucky enough to be one of few NZ businesses selected to participate in the Seed Lab Australia - an Aussie incubator program for FMCG start ups!

We are now producing and selling Vutter in Brazil under license, which is starting to get some real traction in different states and with interest from big supermarket chains!

In Aotearoa we are currently supplying 100+ retailers & some restaurants, hotels and food businesses, and we know we still have a long way to go to get this love spread further afar! Working on it!!

So... as you can tell by now we have ambitious plans for Vutter. My own personal goal at the moment is to upscale to commercial levels - maintaining the high quality standards - and to have it all being sold in blocks by early 2024. Cross your fingers, and watch this space!!

* Our super cute 'mini blocks' can be purchased form selected food stores around the country.

We are super passionate about what we are creating - and it's for you! We are very grateful to have so much support around us – from all the new friends in the industry, to our immediate whānau. And above all, from you - who are out there buying Vutter and helping us spread the love! Thank you!

I'm clocking out with a nice little story of why we created Vutter.

Thanks for reading - with much aroha, Aline

I would love to hear from you:

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