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A dream in a tub for the garlic lovers! 


Sold in stores for between $9.99 and $12


BB: 11/11/2024

Vutter Garlic slow roasted 265g

100 Grams
  • Nothing like the usual garlic 'butters' or margarines available in the market. Our fresh New Zealand grown garlic is cooked in low temperature in coconut oil for many hours and then removed, allowing this Vutter to be smooth and incredibly aromatic.

    Perfect for eating straight out of the tub, making instant garlic bread, roasting, cooking, baking or as a topping.

    Made in New Zealand with high quality & ethically sourced ingredients - no numbers, preservatives, colourings or flavours, only REAL FOOD. Spreads, bakes, cooks, melts, browns.

    Can be used as a substitute to butter in any recipe. 

    Keep it always chilled. Melts at temperatures above 20 degrees.

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