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Meet the new best friend to your sandwich!

Gold medal winner, one month after launching!


Sold in stores for between $8.30 and $9.50


BB: 01/11/2024



Vutter Avo Spreadable 250g

100 Grams
  • Velvety Avocado dream!!! Vutter Avo is made with 40% Avocado oil, and 40% Coconut oil + water, salt, sunflower lecithin, certified organic apple cider vinegar & certified organic turmeric. That's all!

    All blended at low temperature to maintain the integrity of the oils.

    Vutter Avo has an even higher smoke point, making it also perfect for baking & cooking.  Packed with good fats it has no bad cholesterol, no trans fats, no allergens, preservatives, flavouring or any other nasty additives. 

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