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If you love mushrooms, this is probably the most unique & delicious 'butter' you will ever have! A small batch special 'reserve' and personal favourite Vutter, it's made with 'confit' Italian Porcini mushrooms, and it's only available a few times a year. 


Best Before 01/06/2024 - while stock lasts


Online shop only - NOT AVAILABLE FOR RETAIL 

Porcini Mushrooms infused Vutter - 120g'mini blocks'

$5.70 Regular Price
$4.56Sale Price
100 Grams
  • Vutter Porcini is perfect to be enjoyed on a platter with nice bread, crackers, etc.

    It's also amazing as a finishing 'butter' on pretty much anything you cook. Take your risotto to the next level of deliciousness, use it in bechamel sauce, pasta dishes, mash potates, salteed mushrooms...

    Vutter Porcini has the same fat content, texture & usability of dairy based butters, without the trans fats, animal cholesterol or allergens! It's low water, hight fat content makes it a perfect subsitute to butter in any recipe. Has a higher smoke point than butter. 

    Made in New Zealand with high quality & ethically sourced ingredients - no numbers, preservatives, colourings or flavours, only REAL FOOD.

    Keep it always chilled. Melts at temperatures higher than 20 degrees. 

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