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Meet the evolution of butter!

Creamy, delicious, artisan & dairy-free; Vutter is a butter for everyone to enjoy!

Made right here in New Zealand by family business 'Feliz Wholefoods', we use the best qualityclean & ethically sourced ingredients - no preservatives, colours, flavours, numbers, or GMO. We believe that good food is REAL food!

Vutter is a natural minimally processed vegan butter that has the same fat content, texture & usability of dairy based butters, but without the trans fats, the bad cholesterol, the allergens & the negative environmental impact associated with intensive dairy farming. With Vutter you can indulge & enjoy the full delicious butter experience - but better;

Better for you, for our planet & for our animal friends!

Vutter, best vegan butter 2023
Feliz Wholefoods

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