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Meet the Team

Aline Fonseca

The Vutter mother!
Co-founder & Director of 
'wearing all the hats' 

Patrick Malloch

The Vutter father!
Co-founder & Director of 
'everything is possible'


Born in Brazil and raised by an amazing chef, Aline followed her father's footsteps & worked in the food industry for over 10 years before moving to Aotearoa permanently.


After spending 6 years working in the FMCG industry, Aline developed Vutter at home - for the family to enjoy.

She knew straight away that she had just created a winner of a product with a huge gap in the market. With the only option available being margarine, she didn't think twice before quitting her job to launch Vutter in Sep 2020.

Aline's ambition, passion and endless energy makes it possible for her to wear all the hats and do it with a big smile 💚 Her ultimate goal is to have Vutter available for everyone in New Zealand - and around the world!

Born and raised in Christchurch, Architectural Designer, father of 6 and a busy man running two businesses, Patrick is the creative business brain that we simply cannot live without.


He brings a fantastic set of skills, passion and creativity to Feliz Wholefoods and his calm personality makes it all look easy in times of stress.

Creator of the name Vutter and many other clever marketing things we use regularly, 

Patrick works part time in the business looking after accounts & finance and is directly involved in all Strategies, NPD & Marketing.


His super 'zen' personality, huge heart and incredible patience skills brings the perfect balance to the team dynamics 💚



Production superstar, aka
'Vutter witch' 

Born and raised in Devonport - where Vutter was also born (!), Catie is the one to 'blame' for the delicious Vutters out there!


Catie has joined our little team in November 2021 and we just loooove having her around.


With a genuine & bubbly personality, she is extremely hard working and brings great vibes & an incredible upbeat energy to our production kitchen.

Also a full time paramedic student and an amazing squash player (!!), her positive attitude and spin on things add that extra layer of love into the Vutter tubs and blocks that you

already enjoy 💚


Raised in the stunning Goat Island Marine reserve, Bruno has joined our little team in July 2022 to support Catie in the kitchen as well as to help with dispatch & orders.

Young, bright and full of energy, Bruno is interested in anything to do with business and is very keen to learn all he can to help take Vutter to the next level, in New Zealand and overseas! 

You will probably see Bruno with us in markets around Auckland, we are really enjoying the young vibrant energy he is bringing to our fast growing team 💚 


Production & Dispatch Assistant  

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