Meet The Team

Raised in Christchurch, architectural designer by trade, father of 6 and a busy man running his architecture business with one employee, Patrick is the creative brain that we simply cannot function without at Feliz Wholefoods.


His ideas are just the BEST and he is constantly making us laugh out loud with his creativity. No need to say he is the creator of the name Vutter and many other witty, funny and clever things we regularly use in our marketing. He does it so naturally, its hilarious!


While we can't have Pat full time with us, we share an office and can regularly come to him with things that we know only he will be able to find a way to solve it.


He looks after accounts and finance, and is super hands on with any maintenance or other physical troubles we might be having.


His super zen personality, huge heart and incredible patience skills makes the perfect balance we need 💚

Born in Brazil and raised by an amazing chef, Aline followed her father's footsteps and worked in the food industry for over 10 years before moving to Aotearoa permanently.


Former chef and FMCG wiz, Aline developed Vutter in a blender at home out of desperation for a good butter alternative that didn't taste like plastic and was made from nasty ingredients and processes.


When the very first version of Vutter came out (there were dozens of them), it was clear for her that she had a fantastic product that she needed to bring into the market.


After a month from launching, Aline knew she had to quit her full time job in FMCG to throw herself into this, as the demand was way bigger then anticipated. From production, to graphic design, to deliveries, sales, logistics, she was working late nights and early mornings to get everything done. 

With the incredible support from Pat, Donna and later Lea, Aline still wears many hats, but she mainly looks after sales, marketing, production and  logistics.

Vutter is now growing nicely and the hard work is paying of by recognition - 2 awards with only 8 months in the market is more than the team could ever dream of 💚


Lea Del Valle

Production superstar or as we like to call her -  the Vutter Witch

Originally from Chile, this amazing young woman has been a key member of our team since January 2021. 

Lea is very passionate about food and she puts a lot of love into those tubs and blocks! She is also an AMAZING baker and has been experimenting a lot with Vutter lately - and we get to try all of her delicious creations! She can also be seen doing tastings around the place and spreading the Vutter love 💚

We have to thank our dogs and cat for having Lea now, as they were the reason we met her in the first place. She adores them so much that we sometimes think that they're the main reason she accepted our offer LOL Either way, our whole whanau loves Lea and we are lucky to have her as part of the Vutter family!


Patrick Malloch

The creative director of 'she'll be right'


Donna Redward

Long term family friend and Vutter angel

Donna jumped in initially to 'lend a hand' when after only 3 months from launching, the growth was happening so fast that we were hardly coping with the work load. From a friend helping out, Donna quickly became an essential part of our business. She is now our business partner, and as Patrick likes to call her, our "communication facilitator" - between husband & wife LOL

Donna has incredible people's skills, a vast knowledge of healthy food, habits & natural remedies, she has great respect for our environment and she is an awesome sales superstar due to her genuine passion for Vutter and for everything dairy-free, gluten free & clean. 

Donna also does some tastings and helps out in trade shows and markets. She is part of every big decision making and has some brilliant ideas! She is family to us all, and even gives Lea regular driving lessons 💚 We are very lucky to have Donna in our team!


Aline Fonseca

The speedy director of 'get out of the way I'm getting shit done'