Who we are

We are a New Zealand family owned Plant Based Wholefoods manufacturer committed to making delicious Vegan food staples using only real food - no nasty weird ingredients.

Kia Ora! We are a multicultural blended family of two adults, 4 teenagers, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 gold fish.


We are big foodies who live on plants & love experimenting in the kitchen. The concept of Feliz Wholefoods started a few years ago when we went plant based and started making Vutter from our home. We decided we could no longer deal with the horrible tasting margarines we were forced to buy due to a lack of options... and we really needed a good alternative to one of our biggest staples - butter.

We developed and served Vutter Original and Vutter Garlic to our friends and whanau in our wedding in Feb 2018... and they all loved it!! The best thing was - not one of them was Vegan! 

We got told repeatedly that night that 'we would be crazy not to be selling this as it is better than real butter'! Party talk or not, we knew they were right...

Now here we are. Nearly two years later we have finally made it and launched our small Plant based wholefoods manufacturing business in Aotearoa. Our mission is to get people who still eat butter and other animal based food staples to make the switch to Vutter (and to other delicious products to come)! We really want to join the movement of creating a greener New Zealand, by providing people with amazing alternatives to encourage them to buy more vegan & less animal based food. 


The dream is big, we know, but so is the will to make it possible! So thank you for stopping by and supporting us! If you love our story and our products, please help us by "spreading the word"

Thank you!

Aline & Patrick 

+ Thomas, Lily, Rima & Maurice

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Devonport - Auckland

New Zealand